Dahlias - The Stars of the Fall

Dahlias are a favorite of designers and customers alike.

Dahlia - Robann RoyalRobann Royal
Dahlia Sweet NathalieDahlia - Sweet Nathalie
Dahlia and Butterfy
White Dahlia
Dahlia - Burgundy
~Dahlia Care~
  • Dahlia are one of the most popular flowers we grow. To improve their vase life, we have some tips for keeping them lovely for as long as possible.
Cafe au Lait - A very Coveted Wedding Flower
  • Dahlias are summer/fall bloomers, so turn your cooler up a bit. 38° or a bit higher is nice.
Dahlia - BluetifulDahlia- Bluetiful
  • Many dahlias are hollow stemmed. Turn them upside down and fill their stems with floral food, giving them a gentle shake to get fluids up into the head. You can almost see their gratefulness.
Dahlia-Thomas EdisonDahlia - Thomas Edison
  • Follow the general protocol: clean buckets, clean tools, floral food. A spritz of Crowning Glory, or even water will help on those panicky hotter than hell days. Short stems last an amazingly long time, making dahlias a great flower for garlands. (Remove the entire stem for best results)
  • Some types of dahlias will open in the tight bud stage (one or two lifted fingers). Others when the petals have mostly lifted off the face. If you're able to plan ahead, this adds several days of storage to some types.
Dahlias heading out
Dahlia - whiteMaarten
Dahlia - DahliaBurgundy
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