December 1, 2021 This project continued into January...

Of course "replace counters" turned into tear out and/or move/replace walls, add cupboards, replace the sink, move a closet, cuss electric... lol. Nothing in this house is level or square. I am not a carpeter or tile installer or plumber- plumbing makes me cry. I fake it and am just as stubborn as the nails in ths old house.
This land was part of a potato farm back in the day, and I believe this house started out as sharecroppers quarters. It was originally 320 sq'- 640 sq' when I bought it in 1984. We added another 308, and this is home! To my Grandma's delight, a lot of the exterior walls were insulated with Polish newspapers from the 1930's.
I've raised my son and a lot of his friends here. We've housed a gazzillion foster animals and had many head of horses, ponies and livestock on this land. Though the kids have grown up and the livestock passed on, the land, and this little house, are still important to me.

January 6, 2021 I'm getting there!

The kitchen part is almost done. I need to clear tools and building material out by the 10th of January. Seed starting begins!

January 10, 2021 And here come the lissies! (This shot is from 2020)

Lisianthus are very slow growing as seedlings.

January 10,2021 Plastic wrap works just as well for us as the expensive domes.

A lot of flower seeds need light to germinate, but by not covering them with soil, they have a tendency to dry out. We "peek" under the plactic wrap often, and once we see germination, the plastic is removed immediately.

February 3, 2021 Some other seedlings we've started early.

Many flowers have a longer day-to-maturity than Michigan allows, so they need a jump start indoors.

February 6,2021 Plump little ranunuculus corms after soaking.

These are some of our earliest bloomers.

February 6, 2021 Ranunculus set in soil.

These will be covered with a bit more soil - they are not picky about depth, but need a place below to set their roots. Generally they will only be in the flats for around 6 weeks.

February 8,, 2021 Ready for transport to the cellar.

Once they sprout, we will add light and water.

February 17, 2021 This winter has been mild!

The fog is above a de-watering pipe from the new subdivision that's going in. A little creepy.

February 10,2021 Lupine seedlings.

We lost all our lupine a few years back and I realized how much I miss them.

February 28, 2021 More seedlings! We juggle space like crazy from here on.

Hopefully some seedlings can get moved to the hoop house soon. It's all up to Mother Nature.

And That's the Jan-Feb 2021 News From the Funny Farm