May 1, 2021 The daffodils continued to bloom into the first week of May this year.

We've got some lovely daffodil varieties. After harvest, the daffodils need to set in a bucket of their own for a few hours prior to using them in mixed bouquets. Their sap is toxic to other flowers. If you recut the stems, repeat the process.

May 1,2021 The peony buds make an early appearance.

The bloom time of individual peonies varies.

May 5, 2021 Flower Cart Bouquets include a variety of spring bloomers.

Here we have Daffodils, tulips, flowering almond and honeysuckle with some other lovelies.

May 8, 2021 Mother's Day bouquets ready for The Flower Cart

The Flower Cart was closed for a week after Mother's Day this year while we waited for more blooms.

May 5,2021 Baby salamander.

We do everything we can to keep a healthy environment for our creatures (except deer, rabbits, moles and voles (0:).

May 5,2021 We grow a wide variety of tulips

Most of the tulips we grow you will never see in the grocery store.
Tulips continue to grow after they are harvested. They will also learn towards the light (phototropism).

May 7, 2021 Flower Cart Bouquets

Spring blooming flowers fill our bouquets in May

May 8, 2021. Anemones

The Anemones are coming into full bloom.

May 9, 2021. White Ranunculus.

So very popular for spring weddings.

May 23, 2021 Our first peonies to bloom are always Paula Faye

These hot pink blooms can fully open as large as 12"

May 31,2021 Hardy annuals either planted last fall or very early this spring.

Bachelor buttons, annual poppy and orlaya

And That's the May 2021 News From the Funny Farm