Flowers are sold on a first come basis.

Buyer's Guide For The Public

Our Flower Cart:
Bouquets are available at our self-serve flower 24 hours a day in season. For more information, visit our Flower Cart page.

Wedding Flowers and Events:
We're turning over more of our weddings to the pros this year. For a complete list of some of the most awesome designers on earth, please visit our Florist and Designer page.
If you desire to D.Y.I., please visit our Wedding Flower and Event page.

Purchasing Flowers Without Scheduling An Event:
Flowers for non-scheduled weddings or events or can be picked up on Thursdays or Fridays. Please be aware that we fill our scheduled wedding, floral designer and florist orders first, and that all flowers may not be available. You will still need to place an order ahead of time so we can have your flowers ready for you, and make an appointment to pick up.
Please email us.

A`la cart bunches (10 stem minimum per flower type):
Sometimes you just gotta have flowers. Send us an email and often times we can leave your flower order at the Flower Cart for pick up.

***You must bring clean buckets or other containers for the trip home!***
Average 40 to 50 stems per floral bucket depending on flower type. Larger flowers such as sunflowers and amaranth will require 5 gallon buckets.
(We can supply buckets if absolutely necessary: $5.00 for floral buckets, 8.00 for 5 gallon buckets)