About Us

Michigan Flower Farm is located west of Northville on Garfield Rd., near Maybury State Park.

We specialize in over 200 varieties of naturally grown, specialty cut flowers which we grow for florists, floral designers, markets, weddings & events, and our self-serve flower cart.

Our goal is to provide beautiful flowers that are safe for us and all living things.

Some history:

Our farm was purchased in 1984 when most of Northville, and the area surrounding it, was still rural. Our “dump”, as it was affectionately called, has come a long way since those early years. Although the house is still small (tiny by today’s standards), and is still often times affectionately referred to as "the dump", it does now have heat, a septic and drain field, plumbing, a stove and cupboards! It is still, and always will be, a work in progress.

Our true love lies in the land and we try never to take this gift for granted. Our pasture has fed many an animal: horses, goats, sheep and cattle. The hay field supplies winter feed for our livestock. Our gardens feed us and others, supplying seasonal food and food to put up for the long winters. The land also gives us beauty everywhere we look. Insects, birds, butterflies, frogs, and flowers. The miraculous beauty and gift of nature is here every day for us, our children and grandchildren, and our friends to enjoy. The misty foggy mornings and the full moons Grace loves so much. The times after a rainstorm that everything takes on an iridescent, surreal hue.

Over the years, this place we call home, has been home to many. Our doors have been open to both humans and animals in need of a sanctuary for a time. We’ve fostered countless homeless and orphaned animals on this land.

Michigan Flower Farm is a natural extension of this love for living things, and for the love and appreciation of this land. As it grows, so do we. We offer an enormous selection of the finest specialty cut flowers available. We currently have over 300 plant varieties in our database and the number seems to increase every year- despite my recent 10 step approach to seed catalogs. There is always something new we want to try.

It sounds quite like a fairy tale writing this, however the work never stops. Luckily for us, it is work we enjoy.



The Flower Cart is closed for the season. Thank you for a great year!
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