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***We are currently almost fully booked with d.y.i. weddings for the 2020 Season***

tiny flower budSome of the Reasons Brides Choose Our Flowers:

~Price Savings


~They want a natural look for their wedding

~They are passionate about using naturally and/or locally grown flowers

~Individual creativity and style

~We have beautiful flowers!

tiny flower budBrides Who Choose Our Flowers Are Generally:


~Do not need an exact color or style.

Important Information About Locally Grown Flowers:

~Although many flowers are pretty consistent, Mother Nature governs what blooms when.

~If you need a large amount of a certain flower, we may be able to grow these especially for you.

~Every year, some varieties do better than others. It is part of the natural growing cycle.

Scheduling Suggestions:

~Schedule as soon as possible. We schedule our weddings on a first-come basis. Your wedding or event is not scheduled until we have made sure the date is available and you have placed a deposit of $50.00. Please use our Request to Hold Date Form.

~Visit our website to get an idea of what will be in bloom the month of your wedding. You may enter your month in the search field or download a copy of Approximate Bloom Dates.

~If possible, schedule an appointment to come and visit the farm before you book your date. It will give you an idea of what we grow and if our flowers meet your style.
~Visiting a week or so before your wedding will give you an idea of what is in bloom and what is soon to bloom. This is a good time to finalize your cutting order.

Additional Resources:

Approximate Bloom Times

Price List

Request to Hold Date Form 2020

Cutting Order Form (Please do not fill this out until you have a scheduled date) Flowers:

~Some flowers hold in a vase longer than others. Most, but not all, of our flowers have a vase life of 5 or more days. Select your flowers accordingly.

~Purchase a bit more than you think you will need.

~We fill our cutting orders on a first-come basis. (For example, if we have 2 weddings booked for your day, the couple who gets their cutting order in first will have first choice of flower selection).
You can change your cutting order up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up date and time, as long as the flowers are available.

Additional Resources:

Caring For Your Cut Flowers

Approximate Bloom Dates

Price List Up Your Order:

~Your flowers will be grouped by variety, generally in 10 stem bunches.

~Your flowers will have floral food in the water. We will send extra floral food with you.

~You must bring sparkling clean buckets for the ride home. Bring more than you think you will need. As a very general rule, 4-5 bunches will fit into a bucket without squashing them. A mix of 2 gallon buckets for flowers such as dahlias and lisianthus, and 5 gallon buckets for flowers such as sunflowers and amaranthus work well. We can supply buckets for $5.00 each.

~You can change your time and date to pick flowers up as long as we have the desired time slot available. We understand this is a busy time and we will be as flexible as possible.

~Always keep your flowers cool and hydrated.

Some Other Notes:

~ We can order flowers for you that we do not grow, or are sold out of from our wholesaler. Pricing is different and these orders must be paid for in advance. Please inquire.

~We are not a greenhouse or a florist. Our flowers are available only in season.

~Your deposit to hold your flowers covers a bit of our time and expense. It does not go towards the final purchase of your flower order.

~We do not do floral arranging, but can recommend designers and florists who do.

~Final payment is due when you come to pick up your order. We accept cash or checks made out to Michigan Flower Farm. We do not accept credit cards at the flower shed.

~We are a working farm and kindly request that you make an appointment during the growing season if you wish to visit prior to your event.

~We do not deliver or ship flowers.

~Please feel free to ask any questions you have!

Additional Resources:

Florists and Floral Designers

Contact Us

Basic Steps

 Read and understand this page to be sure our flowers are a match for you. Ask any questions you have.

 Confirm Your Date is Open.

Fill out our Date Request Form.

 Place your deposit to secure your date. We work on a first come basis. Until your deposit is placed, your date is not booked.


Thank you!

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The Flower Cart is closed for the season. Thank you for a great year!
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