The Loney Bouquet

The Lonely Bouquet

The Lonely Bouquet 
"A movement dedicated to spreading happiness and smiles, one flower at a time".

What a fabulous idea! Although the official date is June 29th, 2014, people are "spreading happiness and smiles" at all times of the year.  How it works: Obtain a bouquet of flowers. Go to the Lonely Bouquet website to register your bouquet and print out a tag for the finder. Once the bouquet is found, the recipient can officially adopt the bouquet and be added to the official Lonely Bouquet map.  You can also visit their Facebook page here.

My thoughts are this heart warming act of kindness could certainly be expanded to include other items with your bouquet, such as a gift card for food left at a shelter, or old fashion goodies left at a senior center.  What a great way to spread some joy!


The Flower Cart is open!,
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