Why Local


By now, most people know and need the benefits of buying local whenever possible.
Below are some very good reason:

Keeps money in our community.

More money re-circulates in the community when purchases are made with a locally owned, business rather than nationally owned business. Many economic studies show the positive impact your dollar has when you make a conscious decision to buy local first. Local businesses also often purchase from other local businesses, in return helps grow other local businesses as well as local taxes for public services and infrastructure.

Embrace what makes our community unique.

Michigan is a wonderful state that has many Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods that provide unique local foods, products and services. The character of your local community is defined by the local businesses that reside there. National chain businesses change the character of our neighborhoods, besides who wants to live someplace that looks like everywhere else. “When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace.” ~ Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust

Most jobs in Michigan are provided by local businesses.

Small local businesses are the largest employer in Michigan and nationally, local owned businesses account for the majority of new job growth in America. Small business owners have more invested in the community and are far less likely to move operations to another City, State or Country, taking those jobs away from your local community. More jobs in your local community are better for the environment, the less people commuting long distances equals less traffic and pollution.

Better customer service and knowledge .

Local businesses often employ individuals who have a better understanding of the products and services they provide and sell. Customer service is more personalized and local business owners and staff will often take more time to not only know you as customers, but as a neighbor who lives and has an investment in their local economy and community as much as they have.

Locally owned businesses invest more in community.

Local business owners not only work in your community, but often live in the same City or Town they operate their business in. They also have more invested into community than just their dollars and are less likely to leave provided we patron them for the products and services they offer.

Reduces environmental impact.

Shopping locally is important for the local environmental and sustainability. When you buy from a local business you help with creating less travelling, traffic congestion, carbon, and pollution. Local businesses also generally set up shop in already developed commercial properties rather than developing on the fringe. This means less environmental impact to nature and habitat loss.

Non-profits and public groups receive greater support.

Economic research shows keeping your dollar local helps generate greater revenue for non-profits and public groups. Local business owners donate a larger percentage of money and volunteer more time to local community than a non-locally owned business.

Put your taxes to good use.

Local owned businesses need comparatively less infrastructure investment and make more efficient use of public services as compared to nationally owned stores entering the community. Purchasing local helps grow local tax base.

~Local First

We need to put our money where our principles are…..and stick to it.


"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by what is right with America"




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