Why Fresh Cut Local Flowers

Why Fresh Cut Local Flowers

tiny budThe Buy Local and Michigan First campaigns have helped raise awareness in regards to our economy and sustainability. And it’s working!

When you buy flowers and food that are locally grown using responsible and sustainable methods, the benefits to yourself, the earth and all living creatures here are remarkable. We all, each and every one of us, has the power of change with every decision we make...every day, every hour.

Some of the problems associated with the more than 35.2 billion dollars worth of flowers sold in this country are that 68% of them are imported from countries that allow horrendous labor practices and the extensive use of toxin chemicals.

Many growers in the U.S. still use practices that are devastating to the environment and a threat to the health of all species.

"According to Richard Wiles, vice president of research for the US Environmental Working Group, consumers are buying roses that, toxicity levels suggest, should be handled by workers wearing gloves. Wiles reports that pesticide residue on the petals of imported roses is fifty times that allowed on food imports."

These flowers enter into our homes, our place of business and our lives, chemicals and all. What is in South America doesn’t necessarily stay in South America.

When you buy flowers grown locally and organically, be it from your grocer, florist, farmer’s market or from the farm, you are assured fresh, safe, beautiful flowers that haven’t done any harm anywhere, to anything. And as an added benefit, locally grown flowers are much more fragrant and much fresher!

tiny budThings you can do:

  • Grow your own flowers and food. Gardening is therapeutic and fun!
  • Ask your florist or grocer to carry organically grown flowers.
  • Support responsible farming.
  • Buy organically grown bouquets for yourself and your loved ones.

Read a good Smithsonian Magazine Flower Farm Article here



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