March 2020 - Life on the Funny Farm

Ramblings of a Flower Farmer



Mediphorically, it came in like a lamb and out like a lion. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with Covid. It touches us all. I hope it brings enough questions to find answers as to "how could this happen"? I have my beliefs, my rants, for now I'll keep them to myself, but I hope everyone takes note on how our world is changing and handles these questions in a responsible manner. It's time we stop the blame game and work together. Please. It's time to work as a nation again. Together.

That said, the weather has been a blessing. We've seen the best March weatherwise in years. I'm blessed to have land to work, a hubby I'm able to be stalled up with without losing my mind. We can do this. Stay well.

As always, love and blessings sent your way.