Flower Quality

some tips for getting the most out of your fresh flowers

flower quality

From left to right: (1) An "all natural" brand floral food, (2) Home made floral food, (3) Plain water, (4) Floralife. After 5 days, also note the clarity of the solution.

Caring For Your Fresh Cut Flowers

Caring For Your Fresh Cut Flowers - Keep them cool, keep them hydrated!

Even after flowers are cut from the plant, they need nourishment and care. These simple tips will help to keep your fresh flowers looking beautiful longer.

~Never ever put flowers into dirty containers. The stems will absorb whatever is in the bucket or vase.

~ Re-cut the stems with sharp pruners or a sharp knife every couple of days. This keeps the stems open to receive nutrients and water. Cutting the stems at a slight angle will keep the bottom of the stem from resting on the floor of the vase and allow greater intake.

 ~Use warm (tepid) water in your vases for most flower varieties.

~ Remove all lower leaves that will be in contact with the water. You can also remove any unnecessary leaves above the water line.

~ Supply nourishment such as floral food. This does make a big difference.

~ Change the water every other day and wash out your containers. Bacteria grow in standing water and will cause your flowers to wilt faster. 

 ~Most flowers are happier in low light and cool temperatures. Never leave cut flowers in direct sunlight, near a heat vent, or near fruit in an enclosed area. 

~Keep your flowers constantly under the water line.

The same tips apply to traveling with your flowers. Try to schedule long breaks during the cool hours. Do not keep your flowers in the trunk or in a vehicle in the heat of the day.