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Thank you for all your get well cards, blessings, delicious food dishes, and well wishes! I am now vertical and above the sod, thank you! Whew.

A caring friend and floral designer gently reminded me “No farmer, no farm”, trying to remind me to take it easy and I assure you all, I am being good. I am happy we chose this time of year for the surgery, I am able to put off the heavy lifting stuff and am getting most of what needs to be done, done. 86 flats of seedlings started so far, (it’s just pure delight to see the little seedlings pop out of the soil!) doing most of my own animal care now, and I even got to shovel a little snow yesterday. (Yes I was careful!) Onward!

So here’s the low down and gory details. I know I’ve been quiet; I tend to crawl off and lick my wounds in private.

I am recovering from the second heart surgery in a year because the first surgery back in April 2015 didn’t work. This time they did it the “non-invasive” way, which believe me, is about a zillion times more painful than having your chest cracked open (which isn’t exactly a picnic). They didn’t get this second surgery absolutely right either and had to open me up a second time to remove the drain tube that they stitched to something they shouldn’t have been stitching to. The sorry thing is they figured that out after yanking on the %&@! thing for half an hour or so, which is no fun, nor would they listen to my complaint something wasn’t right. Just keep on yanking! Genius. (A friend of mine thought it would have been a smart move to just have a zipper put in at this point.) This added a couple of days to my escape plan and I’m sure more time to recovery in general.

I do have to say I had one nurse who shined. Deborah, was an angel and really, really truly cared! (Maybe she could write their nursing manual) Her smiles went a long way, she listened when something wasn’t right, and she always, always remembered to move the call button back to where I could reach it. Otherwise it seemed like no one really gave a damn. Just another patient in the busy day of nurses and docs. I was so happy to get home before something else went wrong!

On a happy note, I was born with this pesky mitral valve problem and otherwise I am blessed with a healthy heart. Can’t wait to be back on both feet, and hopefully go back to avoiding major medical stuff for many, many years. I am looking forward to saying “It’s over, this worked, it was worth it!” and to having my energy back!


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