July 2011

July 2011 post

July has been another month of extremes. We really shouldn’t complain, but it’s sure been hot, windy, horribly dry, then wet, this month.  Plants are sure adaptable and the gardens are full of blooms. Although our veggie garden is the saddest it’s been in years, it’s still blessing us. This last week of July with it’s high rainfall has helped everything to bounce back. It’s nice to get out of the heat and drought stage. So many flowers are in bloom now. I love this time of year.

We enjoyed a few days of visiting with Pat’s sister, Helene. I adore this woman more than I can say. I feel at peace and blessed whenever she is around. She is also a work horse who does not know the meaning of “vacation”. She cleaned my horrible messy garden shed and cooked a fabulous breakfast for us. I felt like the guest!

Pat’s got first cutting hay done.  We got it all inside with no rain! Pretty amazing. On the 4th we had a BBQ and Mark, Kirk and Grace helped us get a good load out of the field and in the loft. Grace’s job is to push the hay onto the elevator.

The kids have been having fun playing in the sprinkler, helping with the gardens, picking flowers for their mom’s and playing with the critters. They have the goat doing agility and it’s pretty entertaining!  Laney came to work for us for a few days this month. She’s a good worker! We started to get some of the everlastings hung in the drying shed.