May & June Bloom List 2013/ Wedding Flowers

May and June Wedding FlowersCart of Wedding Flowers

(Please remember that Mother Nature determines actual bloom dates, which have been known to vary as much as a month for some species.)

To keep updated, please sign up for our newsletter. We periodically send a list of what’s in bloom and what is soon to bloom. We also have more information on our website. Wedding flowers here, and “Pick Your Own” Info here.

Our weddings are booked on a first come basis, so please book early. We ask for a deposit to hold your date.

 May Blooms:

Allium – Purple Sensation
Anise – a lovely white filler
Iris – Peach & heavenly scented purple
Lily of the Valley
Sweet William – Holburn Glory
Juniper’s Beard – Red Valerian
Valerian – white, lovely scent, short vase life
Verbascum – Southern Charm

June blooms:

Ageratum – blue and white
Amaranthus – Love lies bleeding
Basil – Cinnamon, heavenly scented
Bachelors Buttons
Bells of Ireland
Bee Balm
Blanket Flower
Campanula – blue and white
Cat Mint
Celosia- Ruby Parfait
Coral Bells
Cosmos- Sensation
Delphinium – mixed colors
Foxglove ( lavender and  white)
Globe Amaranth
Grasses- Frosted Explosion
Hydrangea (small amounts of early flowering varieties)
Juniper’s Beard – Red Valerian
Lady’s Mantle
Larkspur – mixed colors
Lily – Old Fashion Orange
Marigold – orange and yellow
Peonies- first year blooms, limited
Purple Iris (very fragrant)
Rose- dark pink tea rose
Salvia- Snow Nymph (white)
Shasta Daisy ( will be just starting)
Snapdragons – mixed colors
Stock – yellow and white
Sweet Peas – Mixed Colors, Very Fragrant
Sweet William – Holburn Glory, an heirloom variety with a lovely scent.
Valerian – white, lovely scent, short vase life
Verbascum – Southern Charm

Misc fillers such as woodies & herbs

It is also possible we will have some sunflowers blooming in May & June. We are experimenting this year with a few varieties for hoop house production.



New Varieties For 2013

Peony - Sarah BernhardtWe are very excited to announce 39+ new varieties for the 2013 season. We are trying to add earlier and later blooming species for our June and September wedding customers, along with more blues, yellows and whites. Some of the perennials won’t be in full production until they become established.

I am most excited about our peonies being grown here.  We’ve put in 60 new plants this fall and look forward to offering this gorgeous flower for June weddings. We’ll have limited offerings this spring; the number of blooms will increase year after year.

We are also adding an herb garden for fresh cut naturally grown  herbs.



New Varieties for 2013

New Perennial, Biennial, Tubers and Woody
Allium: Purple Senstation
Butterfly Bush: Black Knight
Chinese Laterns
English Ivy
Foxglove: White
Hydrangeas: Annebelle, Invincible, Endless Summer, Pee Gee & Quickfire
Iris: Bearded Lavender
Liatris: White
Lily – Casa Blanca & Stargazer
Malva: Zebrina
Nine Bark
Peonies: Sarah Bernhardt (Pink) & Duchess de Nemours (white)
Penstemon: Rocky Mountain
Climbers ~ CI Gold Badge (yellow), Don Juan (Red), Zephinrine Drouhin (pink)
English Roses ~  Margaret Merril (white), Clamis Castle (white with pink blush), Mary Rose (pink)
Sweet Pea
Veronica: White
Yarrow: Yellow

 New Annuals:
Ageratum: White, Rose & Blue
Broom Corn
Celosia: Cockscomb – Giant Amish
Globe Flower: Orange
Ornamental Corn
Ornamental Pepper: Black Olive
Stock: Yellow & White
Sweet Peas

New Herbs for Cutting:

Other New Herbs:



The Estate Sale Adventure

Recycled Boxwoods
I love boxwoods. These were bought and saved from the path of the bulldozer.



I’ve spent the month of October digging out, tearing out, hauling, loading, moving and dragging home various items from an estate sale that were just too good to leave behind. And I am now a re-purposer! What a great word, and it’s so nice that garbage picking is now in! I am excited to no longer be called The Sheeny Woman!


Bless my husband and son’s hearts, they have tolerated all of this and helped to move everything.  Jerid finds repurposing a lot of fun now. He’s come a long way from when he’d scrunch down in his seat, dying of embarrassment,  while mom salvaged some wonderful item from the trash.

Ugly, gaudy or beautiful?


We were walking together over the grounds when my husband spotted this huge cement basket with a sold tag on it. He remarked that somebody bought that ugly cement  basket and now they couldn’t figure out a way to get it home. Uh-oh.  Yep, that somebody would be me!

The basket did make it home.
Nice 6' fence, but a bigger project than anticipated!



It is now home, ugly, gaudy or beautiful, I still haven’t decided. I think we need a vote when I get some better pictures up. And maybe some good ideas for what to do with it!





I dug out 280’ of 6′ black vinyl chain link fence that will someday replace a good part of the deer fence.




My husband is a genius! I bought this, but had no clue how it was coming home. We did get some funny looks going down the road.



I’ve always wanted a gazebo up in the back corner, but have never got around to building one.






The gazebo now sits up on the hill. Once finished, it will be a wonderful spot to relax, have lunch or read.



And now I have an insta-gazebo in place in the upper back corner of the flower field. It will be beautiful once it’s finished.



There’s a long list of beautiful things bought from this sale. I’ve 50′ of solid wood fence to keep vermin out from the front garden. Many, many new shrubs and plants. Gorgeous landscape rocks.  Birdhouses, bat houses and bird feeders. Lumber of all sizes. I hope the owners know that their beautiful gardens will live on.

Lyon Township Farmer’s Market Is Looking For Wonderful Vendors

Lyon Township Farmer's Market
Lyon Township Farmer's Market

Do have have a great Michigan made or grown product you’d like to market? Come join us at the Lyon Township Farmer’s Market! This market has been growing in clients, (thanks to you all for your wonderful support!) and there’s room for quite a few more dedicated vendors in their spacious parking lot. The potential for tremendous growth is here, and the location is fabulous.

This is a family run market, and a large, wonderful, hard working family it is! The market is warm, loving and just full of energy. You will feel like family here from the moment you arrive.  Please come and check it out. You can download a vendor application here or visit the Lyon Township Farmer’s Market website here.




Flowers on a budget

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in regards to how much will flowers cost for this event or that event.

A very good question was “What does it cost to fill  a quart mason jar? A pint jar? The answer is… it all depends.

Obviously if you fill a quart jar with lisianthus at 10/12.50 it will cost a lot more than if you use one sunflower @ 1.25 and some filler @ 10 for $2.00. For an example, our quart size ready made bouquets cost around $8.00. These contain a mix of what’s in bloom and may vary in flower quantity  depending on the price of the individual flowers. There are ways to fill a mason jar for less…. and for more.  If you’re on a budget, we can suggest a few ways to stretch your flower dollars.

  • The number one way to save is to use filler. Filler greenery or flowers tend to be prolific bloomers and can be offered at less cost than flowers that bloom once, are labor intensive,  costly or difficult to grow. They are not any less beautiful or any less elegant. Many times they add to an otherwise understated bouquet.
  • Choose one main flower and fill in with less expensive flowers. Sunflowers are a good choice. They are big and also use up a lot of space in a vase. They look lovely with almost any other flower.
  • Bigger is not always better. Mason makes jelly jars, too! You can find endless containers at garage sales, flea markets, auctions, etc.
  • Buy what’s in season. Flower prices fluctuate with supply and demand. Prices tend to drop for a species when it is in full bloom.
  • Look around your own yard. If you find something that interests you, test it!
One Sunflower ($1.25), Four heavenly scented cinnamon basil ($.30 each) in a quart jar. Total cost $ 2.45
One zinnia ($.50) two statice ($.50 each) three frosted explosion ($.20 each) Total $2.10, all in Grandma's heirloom teacup.
This bouquet is made entirely of filler flowers that can be dried for keepsakes. It includes yarrow, globe amaranth and statice.
A miniature boot vase makes this inexpensive bouquet the perfect touch for a horse lover's bridal shower. You can also slip a jar into the real thing!











When working with small vases or containers, it’s important to keep a closer watch on your water level.  In hot outdoor conditions, they can evaporate quickly. Even indoors in a cool controlled climate, you want to check the water levels often.

Make sure there is enough weight in your vase or container to keep it from tipping over. Top heavy designs may need added weight, such as pebbles or stones.

As with large designs or formal bouquets, the rule is to work with odd numbers. Of course, many times, rules are just waiting to be broken. Do what looks and feels right for you and the wonderful gift of flowers you are offering.

Lyon Township Farmer’s Family Day July 13th

The Lyon Township Farmer’s Market will be featuring a petting farm,  bounce house, free hot dogs and watermelon and games for their first family day this Friday, July 13th. The weather will be ideal! Come on out, have some fun and support this fine market!

Lyon Township Farmer's Market

Michigan Flower Farm at the Lyon Township Farmer's Market
Michigan Flower Farm is now at the Lyon Township Farmer's Market

Lyon Township Farmer’s Market

Lyon Township Farmer's Market Booth
Lyon Township Farmer's Market Booth


We are now at the New Lyon Township Farmer’s Market!

Conveniently located on Grand River, just east of Milford Rd., at the beautiful, historic Bon-A-Rose Authentic Home Style Foods Restaurant, Catering Service and supplier of Michigan Made, Authentic Italian cuisine.

The Farmer’s Market is open on Fridays from 12:30 until 6:30 until October 12th. A warm and friendly market, with great food and beautiful crafts.

Come out and visit!

Lyon Township Farmer's Market



Mid June – Pick Your Own Flowers, Kitten & Robin Update

Bouquet of Sweet William, Lady's Mantle, Tea Rose and Lavendar

Our opening weekend for Pick Your Own Flowers was a success and a lot of fun. Thanks to all who came out and your wonderful encouragement! Some long 18 hours days went into getting this off the ground and it was so nice to get some great feedback! All the hugs were sure appreciated, too. I think people who enjoy flowers are a wonderful and kind group of people.

There wasn’t a lot of variety in bloom, but we sold almost all of our ready made bouquets. People had fun walking the fields and visiting with Mrs. Robin. Her babies flew off, one at a time, until they were all out of the nest on June 17th.  We sure enjoyed their stay.

Pacific Giant Delphinium and Ornamental Grass
Pacific Giant Delphinium and Ornamental Grass

There will be much more in bloom this weekend including Shasta daisies, yarrow, verbena, lilies, amaranthus, blanket flower and bachelors’ buttons. The ammi and cosmos are just starting.  For filler we have hops, fennel and grasses.

Newly Hatched Robins
Newly Hatched Robins


Robins ready for feeding
Hungry Babies! Mrs. Robin brings in enormous clusters of cabbage and tent worms for her babies. That sure works well around here!
Robin and babies
Mrs. Robin with her babies












Kitten update. The kittens are weaned and ready for homes of their own. (these kitten were brought here in the baler and we couldn’t find their momma) There are 3 little gray tabbies and one all gray.

They are so very sweet, precious and extremely social. Dog and child tested and approved! If you or anyone you know would like to adopt a kitten, please contact me.   (we do have an adoption contract. NO declawing, kittens must be spayed or neutered, etc.)

Humming Bird in the house

Yesterday a baby hummingbird came into the house. I couldn’t believe how friendly she was and thought she was injured or sick. She sat in my hand with her little tongue licking my palm looking for food. After a bit she got restless and I took her outside where she flew off.




Pat got our hay up, singlehandedly. The bale count was way down due to lack of rain. Hopefully second cutting will be better.

The fireflies are out, birds are hatching all over and there are a lot of baby ladybugs, all wonderful signs of summer. I’ve already put up a bushel of broccoli, one of the early crops that is doing fine!

Until our next rain day, God Bless