March 2012

What a March it’s been! With the snap of unseasonably warm weather over a long period, both soil and air temperatures are much higher already than last year at this time and we’ve been able to get in a lot of the fields to prepare for planting. With the warmth, a lot of the trees are in bloom already, plants that usually stay tucked in the ground for another month are leafing out. We hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So far the more normal temperatures that followed the warm spell haven’t seemed to hurt anything. We’re very excited to get such an early start. We’ve started over 70 flats of flowers and vegetables so far. Flowers like Zinnias, Cosmos and Marigolds will get started a little later on. As things get moved to the hardening off area, or planted out,  we’ll start our perennials for fall planting, or for planting out next year after wintering over in the greenhouse.

Meet Charlie, our new puppy.

We have a new addition to our family! Charlie came to us on March 4th, a crazy, wild, untrained 10 month old pup. He sadly lost his owner in a car accident. Call it fate or whatever you’d like, but when he looked at me, something clicked. Since Merci passed on, I just haven’t had the heart for another dog… yet. This is Charlie’s third home in 3 weeks. He had to pass some trials before we decided if he could stay. He gets along very well with 4 year old Grace and they are fast becoming friends. She has a list of tricks she wants to teach him and he responds well to her. He’s learning how to behave around the horses and the goat. Koa loves to run and play with him. The chickens are a bit more of challenge, but he’s not as ready to chase them as he was when he first came. We still can’t let him off leash for fear he will run, something I never had to worry about with Merci. He’s come a long way and we love him more everyday. He’s starting to love and trust us, too! He passed  his medical exam with flying colors and has been neutered. He’s got some big paws to fill, but the raccoons have already decided that waiting at the back door for the wild cat to be fed is not such a good idea anymore!

With the wonderful warm weather, a lot of our perennials are being divided now. We’re planning to offer some for sale this fall. If you are interested in any certain varieties, please email us.

With the beautiful snap of welcomed warm weather, the Forsythia bloomed on March 20th this year. They bloomed on May 1rst in 2011, a much wetter, colder year.

In Bloom this month:

Fun Fact: In March, our days are finally longer than the nights. This occurred on March 17, 2012, with 12 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds of daylight.