The Estate Sale Adventure

Recycled Boxwoods
I love boxwoods. These were bought and saved from the path of the bulldozer.



I’ve spent the month of October digging out, tearing out, hauling, loading, moving and dragging home various items from an estate sale that were just too good to leave behind. And I am now a re-purposer! What a great word, and it’s so nice that garbage picking is now in! I am excited to no longer be called The Sheeny Woman!


Bless my husband and son’s hearts, they have tolerated all of this and helped to move everything.  Jerid finds repurposing a lot of fun now. He’s come a long way from when he’d scrunch down in his seat, dying of embarrassment,  while mom salvaged some wonderful item from the trash.

Ugly, gaudy or beautiful?


We were walking together over the grounds when my husband spotted this huge cement basket with a sold tag on it. He remarked that somebody bought that ugly cement  basket and now they couldn’t figure out a way to get it home. Uh-oh.  Yep, that somebody would be me!

The basket did make it home.
Nice 6' fence, but a bigger project than anticipated!



It is now home, ugly, gaudy or beautiful, I still haven’t decided. I think we need a vote when I get some better pictures up. And maybe some good ideas for what to do with it!





I dug out 280’ of 6′ black vinyl chain link fence that will someday replace a good part of the deer fence.




My husband is a genius! I bought this, but had no clue how it was coming home. We did get some funny looks going down the road.



I’ve always wanted a gazebo up in the back corner, but have never got around to building one.






The gazebo now sits up on the hill. Once finished, it will be a wonderful spot to relax, have lunch or read.



And now I have an insta-gazebo in place in the upper back corner of the flower field. It will be beautiful once it’s finished.



There’s a long list of beautiful things bought from this sale. I’ve 50′ of solid wood fence to keep vermin out from the front garden. Many, many new shrubs and plants. Gorgeous landscape rocks.  Birdhouses, bat houses and bird feeders. Lumber of all sizes. I hope the owners know that their beautiful gardens will live on.