March 2014 – Out Like A Lamb. So We Hope.

field-snow-IMG_2618 450

3-12-14 Our Sweet Peas are scheduled to be planted here in just about two weeks!

Wow, I have been out of touch! All winter, all I could think to write about was complaints about the weather. I’d heard enough, done enough complaining myself, and was pretty sure so had everyone else!   But yes, what a winter! We will be discussing it for years to come, I am sure. Like all tales, as the years go on, it will become embellished to the point of entertaining. For right now, it is just plain old.

I think despite the horrendous weather, planting will begin soon, even maybe on time. Our ground temperatures have held amazingly warm temperatures through it all with the deep snow cover. Much warmer than last year. Hopefully we will even see the ground very soon!

The seedlings are happy, over 100 flats have been started so far, with more scheduled through the end of April. I am getting very anxious to plant something. Anything.

Let hope that after this winter we are blessed with a spring soon!