Budgeting for Your Wedding Flowers

Bridal Bouquet by Elizabeth Kushnereit
Bridal Bouquet and photo by Elizabeth Kushnereit

Budgeting Your Wedding or Event Flowers

Buying flowers direct from the farm for your wedding or event can be extremely cost efficient.

To budget for your wedding flowers you will first need to know how many arrangements and bouquets you will need. A lot of factors go into this equation such as vase size, flower size, etc.  A rough estimate and starting point is 20 stems per quart size vase for a full arrangement, but again this can depend a lot on the size of your flower choices and the look you are after.

There are some amazing floral design videos on U-tube and some extremely wonderful books out there on floral design. There are also classes you can take on floral design prior to your wedding. Any of these resources will help you to decide on the look you desire and how many stems it will take to accomplish that look.

Helpful resources on our website include our Price List and guide to Approximate Bloom Times. If you would like to schedule a wedding or event, please see our Wedding and Event Page for more information.

Sometimes couples would like flowers we do not grow or are not in season here in Michigan for their date. For flowers ordered in, we can get estimates from our supplier. Unlike our pricing which tends to stay pretty consistent throughout the season, pricing for flowers that we order in, much like groceries, can fluctuate depending on the market.

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