Deer Repellent System From Messina Wildlife



I want to mention a deer repellent system we’ve used very successfully this season. Believe me, if it works here, it will work for you. We’ve had a few “security breaches” this fall, but I think that was due more to user error than anything. Deer get bolder in the fall and I needed to protect our inlet beds with more fencing earlier on. (I did lose my last two plantings of sunflowers to the vermin and learned a *few* new cuss words, but not near as many as last year).

You must spray religiously, on time, (I spray every 3 weeks) but you are only spraying the ribbon, not acres of plants. I spray about 1500’ of ribbon in less than 20 minutes. The repellent is pleasant smelling to humans.

Using black step in posts with the black ribbon, the fence blends in with the landscape well. So far it has prevented the need to install a 10’ deer fence – fencing us in or out also! It is also simple to set up temporary protection for seasonal bloomers such as tulips.

The link to Messina Wildlife is here.


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