Peonies in July?!?!?

Peonies, Sunflowers and Dahlias on July 9th

It’s been an exciting year, to say the least, but I have to say I got really, really excited when our first dahlias and sunflowers came in AND I still had a few peonies in the cooler. So I got to thinking…. Is it possible to have peonies in early to mid, even late July? Quality peonies?

The quality is what has always concerned me. I have always been led to believe that peonies will not store well into July, so I have never even considered offering them this late in the season. I am now happily rethinking and testing that theory.

The peonies I pulled out of the cooler on Thursday still look fabulous 3 days later, even with the 90+ degree heat of late. I have sent some home with a few of my floral designers to test also.

Another great thing I have learned about peonies has to do with the side shoots. After weeks of being stored in the cooler, any buds showing color will still open, and although short, are still very pretty and very usable. (The tightest buds will not open and are excellent for boutonaires)

I have maybe 20 stems to work with and will pull them out of the cooler every week to see how far into July we can actually go. Maybe we can supply the request for sunflowers, dahlias AND peonies from the farm in July!

I’ll try to update this post with our results after I learn – just how late can we go?

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