Spring Fever 2016!


Over the winter planning takes place. What goes where? How much to plant? What are we short on? What do we grow too much of? Spring is when it all starts to come together.

Over the winter I go nuts with the seed catalogs – ordering new varieties or plants that we haven’t tried here before. Spring seems to be when I get the plant and bulb bug.

The pussy willows I started last year had the most fabulous pink tinted catkins. They were our first blooms of the season. Other early bloomers are popping out of the ground at a phenomenal rate this year, furthering the excitement. The lupine planted out last year looks so healthy and happy! The new flowering shrubs are beginning to show buds.

While doing research I often come across flowers that make a fabulous cut that we’ve over looked. This fall we will plant brodiaea. How did I miss this flower? It keeps well in the cooler, has an excellent vase life,  and blooms very early. I definitely need these in purple, white and yellow.leuc_aest_grav_giant

And what about these beauties? Leucojum would make such lovely additions to spring bridal bouquets don’t you think?



And then there is the rose desire……


queen-of-sweden-roseAlthough roses are a pain here and the Japanese beetles love them as much as we do, I have ordered more garden roses this year. The plan is to build a structure around them and screen them off with insect netting. I am determined to grow at least one bed well. To me, there is nothing like the scent of well grown roses and I think there is almost no flower more beautiful.

And while we are lusting over early bloomers, I may as well add some more flowering shrubs. That wish list is long! And more coral peonies and maybe should I order some yellow peonies? You can see where this is going. Once bitten with spring fever, there seems to be no cure.



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