August 1,2021 August continues to bring vibrant colors.

It seemed people craved bright colors this year.

August 9.2021 The Flower Cart bouquets have many different varieties in August

August is a month of abundance- there are a lot of flowers in bloom.

August 11, 2021 Celosia comes in many varieties.

Celosia is one of our main filler flowers. We grow a lot of it!

August 12, 2012 Cafe au Lait and lisianthus make their way into bouquets this month.

These are two of our most popular flowers for weddings

August 11, 2021 A van load of wedding flowers.

Make sure your vehicle has enough space for your order!

August 13,2021 Lisianthus Harvest

Lisianthus is a hard flower to schedule. There are many different groups, and we like to stagger bloom times as best as we can.

August 13, 2021 Flower Cart Bouquets

I usually spend the first hours of the day harvesting in the coolest temperatures available. This is important for the flower's longevity. Some flowers are more sensitive to heat than other.

August 8, 2021. We're all pretty burnt out by August and need some humor in our lives.

This little weirdo has pokeberry eyes.

August 8, 2021. Spraying beds with Garret's Juice

We've been using Garret's Juice for over 20 years. We add hot pepper and garlic which helps repel insects that can ruin a perfect flower in seconds. You can visit The Dirt Doctor for a lot of great organic information.

August 19, 2021 White dahlias

Always popular for weddings.

August 24, 2021 One of the many reasons we refuse to use chemicals on our farm.

This is a marbled salamander.

And That's the 2021 August News From the Funny Farm